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Further information about liquid smoke



What is liquid smoke?

Liquid smoke has nothing to do with chemistry.
It is a naturally processed and refined smoke condensate which is won by mouldering wood combined with a water-based condensation process.
The raw condensate is then exempted from unwanted components, first of all from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH), tar and other particles.
However all flavouring and browning components remain.

Where can liquid smoke be used?

It can be used in any appliances for smoking and/or smoke-cooking, primarily for meat, fish and cheese. Both hot and cold smoking is possible with liquid smoke.

Is liquid smoke healthier than conventional smoke?

Liquid smoke contains neither carbon monoxide nor nitrogen oxides.
The content of carcinogenic PAH (mainly benzopyrene) is lower than
10 µg/kg.

Which other advantages does liquid smoke have?
  • No fire hazard, because there is no smouldering wood involved.

  • No explosion hazard, because the process generates neither carbon monoxide nor other flammable gases.

  • No chemical hazards from carbon monoxides or carcinogenic dust from beech wood.

  • Lower chemical risk from PAH.

  • Significantly reduced contamination leads to minimal cleaning effort, especially when utilizing water soluble liquid smoke.

  • The pollution of exhaust and effluent is also considerably reduced.

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