AROMATEUR - the new system for smokecooking and flavourbaking -

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AROMATEUR - the new system for smokecooking and flavourbaking




The AROMATEUR introduces a new method to treat food with an aerosol consisting of air and an aromatic fluid, for example liquid smoke concentrate.

Technical Background

To achieve an optimal smoking or aromatizing result, the fluid needs to be atomized extremely fine.   
Up to now the use of aerosol for flavouring of food was only profitable when utilized in major plants.
The huge amount of space needed for the conventional process prohibited the implementation in compact units for the treatment of food in e.g. restaurants, bakeries or butcheries.


With our new method, based on efficient ultrasonic technology, it is now possible to generate a very fine aerosol in an ingenious simple way with minimal financial effort.
Additionally our new procedure is realized in very compact appliances.

A wide variety of usages can be envisaged:
  • Integration in

__- smokers,
__- combisteamers,
__- convection ovens
__- or even in baking ovens
__is now easily possible.

  • A compact portable version of the AROMATEUR enables the use of nearly every existing baking or cooking unit as a professional smoking and flavouring system.

Our system is meanwhile well-tried for smoking and smokecooking!

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