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What are the main benefits of simultaneous smoking and cooking made possible by our new technology?



  • Substantial expansion of the dish variety with unique products. Delicacies like the classical hot smoked trout, smoked meatballs or hot smoked chicken with the typical "campfire flavour" can now easily be prepared in every combisteamer, convection or baking oven. Nearly every known smoked food item can be produced in these units without the need of special single purpose smoking ovens.


  • Especially in combination with a combisteamer and its wide variety of cooking modes, delicacies which could not be done in conventional smokers, can now easily be prepared.


  • This combined cooking/smoking process does not require extended cooking times.Depending on the type of food and the desired intensity of smoking flavour, the smoke generation can be activated in addition to the cooking process.


  • Due to the fact that the aerosol is created outside of the cooking unit, the quality of the smoking result is totally independent of the cooking mode (except of steaming) and temperature.


  • The ingredients of the liquid smoke are extracted from pure wood smoke condensates only and therefore absolutely natural.The individual combination of these ingredients offers a nearly endless variety of smoke flavours. There is a "matching" flavour available for each taste.


  • In a similar way, the desired colouring for the product can be achieved independent of the flavour intensity.


  • Both liquid smoke and smoke created with solid wood contain the same ingredients for browning and flavouring. However, liquid smoke is nearly completely free of harmful (carcinogenic) elements.


  • But what about the remains of this liquid smoke in the cooking unit - Will they be difficult to remove? -->  The answer is definitely NO!   When using high quality water based liquid smoke condensates, free of tar and resin, the cleaning of the cooking chamber is easier than cleaning it from conventional roasting stains. Actually hot steam and a hand-shower will do the job.When using a cooking device, equipped with a self-cleaning system, the operator doesn't even have to care about the cleaning.

All these advantages are capable of opening up significant additional customer potentials..

Particular markets like the US, where food with smoke flavour is already very popular, offer a substantial sales potential for this new smoking technology.

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